Unfortunately, the landscape of today’s world and life in general has become aggressive and litigious. When people are negligent or malicious or competitors breach contracts, commit fraud, perpetrate unfair business practices, misappropriate your creative ideas, etc., you are forced to protect your rights. In addition, when frivolous and unfounded lawsuits or claims are brought against you, once again, you are required to defend yourself and protect your interests.

When you cannot resolve a personal or professional dispute or disagreement with another person civilly and informally, you may find it necessary to bring your dispute before the courts for determination. While few people enjoy the time and expense of preparing a case for trial, sometimes there is no other way to protect your personal or business interests other than to file a civil lawsuit. Having a resourceful and experienced civil litigation attorney in your corner can help resolve your dispute more efficiently and more favorably than trying to navigate the civil court system yourself.

Understanding Civil Litigation and Why You Need a California Civil Litigation Attorney in California

Civil litigation attorneys represent individuals in non-criminal cases. The main responsibility of an experienced civil litigation attorney is to take into account the client’s best interests while aggressively and lawfully representing his/her client and in the courtroom. Litigation attorneys will assist you with everything from pre-trial documentation all the way to the resolution of your case.

Civil Litigation has multiple platforms including, a trial with judge, full-blown jury trials with judge and counsel, legal hearings in front of an administrative panel, administrative law judges, and arbitrators.  No matter what type of judicial or arbitrary process you choose they all have a principle that controls the decision.  Laws are constantly evolving thus it is highly recommended to have a California Civil Litigation Lawyer present for any type of administrative hearing or deposition.

You need a civil litigation attorney anytime you are considering suing or defending yourself from a lawsuit.

Top Reasons to hire a California Civil Litigation Attorney

The following are some of the top reasons to hire a civil litigation attorney in California:

  • It Could Save You Money

You’re probably wondering how a lawyer can save you money when the hiring of the lawyer itself can become rather expensive. Your lawyer can save you money in fines, court costs and penalty fees.

And depending on the type of case they’re representing you in, think a divorce or landlord/tenant dispute, winning the case can mean you don’t have to pay the person you’re fighting with or you have to pay them less.

  • The legal process can be confusing.

Navigating the legal process is complicated, especially without knowledge or experience. When you hire a civil lawyer, their experience is the best tool you’ll have at your disposal. Laws can change often which make them complicated. Plus, navigating the courtroom is not as easy or fun as it might look on television. A subtler side of a lawyers job is setting the case up for appeal in case you lose. Their job is to advocate your best interest and to make the best case possible for you.

More importantly, your lawyer knows how to file court documents, recognize unfair treatment or bias from a judge. They also know the regulations pertaining to deadlines and the usual protocol for submitting paperwork.

  • Increase the chances of winning your case.

Without a civil litigation attorney, you risk the chance of winning your case. Compared to cases involving criminal law, the burden of proof is lower in civil litigation cases. This means that the other party can easily disprove your stance with less evidence. Having a civil litigation attorney on your side increases your chances of a successful outcome.

  • Ensure your documents are properly filed.

Aside from court proceedings, a civil litigation attorney can also assist with properly filing legal documents on your behalf. This ensures all your deadlines are met while following the necessary procedures to avoid delays.

Hiring a California Civil Litigation Attorney

You need a civil litigation attorney anytime you are considering suing or defending yourself from a lawsuit. If you’re seeking to hire one in California, contact the civil litigation attorneys at the Tardiff & Saldo Law Offices to discuss your case.

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