Our team of attorneys in San Luis Obispo is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to our clients. Our areas of practice include Civil Litigation, Business Law, Personal Injury, and Trust & Estate Planning. We are focused on providing professional and personalized solutions for clients in the area of Trust & Estate Planning and other legal areas. Our attorneys have vast experience in this field and are here to provide you with the best legal advice, guidance, and support. With our team of legal professionals, you can trust that your trust & estate planning needs will be taken care of.


As Central Coast natives and seasoned legal experts, our team is uniquely equipped to take on your case.

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Dustin was raised in San Luis Obispo, California but moved to Orange County to attend law school at Western State University. He worked with the District Attorney’s Office in Santa Ana…

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Tyler Saldo was raised in San Luis Obispo. He attended UC Davis earning a bachelor’s degree in International Relations with an emphasis on World Trade and Development. He went on…

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John is a coach/teacher, analyst and entrepreneur by nature and a financial planner and consultant by training. Born and raised in Southern California, he settled on the Central Coast in 1989 to…

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A Different Kind of Law Firm

Tardiff & Saldo has built a firm that embraces multi-disciplinary excellence. Our lawyers and associates are proficient at both transactional law & litigation, which is what matters when you’re choosing who to rely on for counsel. There aren’t a lot of shops who can claim this, but we’ve mastered it.

In most cases, a lawyer who doesn’t like the confrontation of the courtroom will go into transactional law. Similarly, lawyers who excel in the courtroom don’t do transactional law because “that’s not where the money is.” We believe that to be the best at one, you have to be really good and well-practiced at the other.

So at Tardiff & Saldo Law that is what we look for in our partners and associates. Our ability to think “outside of the box” drives all of our major decisions, benefitting our clients, and allowing them to get back to more important things…their family, their business, their life.

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Serving California for More than
55 Years

The San Luis Obispo office of Tardiff & Saldo was established in 2019 when two long-time local firms joined to serve San Luis Obispo County and people throughout the state of California.

Tardiff Law was established in 1980 in San Luis Obispo and saw several generations of experienced attorneys succeed and retire within its walls. For decades, it proved a Central Coast staple providing elite legal representation in San Luis Obispo and throughout California. Handling over 100 jury trials since its inception, with many published opinions, Tardiff Law brings its extensive trial and appellate experience to Tardiff & Saldo.

The Saldo Law Group brings more than 35 years of practice experience in personal injury and medicine law to Tardiff & Saldo. They understand the standards and procedures that govern the medical profession, and have represented doctors as defendants in medical negligence cases, anticipating the strategies that will be employed to try to minimize or defeat your claim. They have a long track record as successful trial attorneys who have recovered in excess of $200 million in damages for their clients.

Today, Tardiff & Saldo, and their combined record of success dealing with personal injury suits, business law, estate planning, and other civil law cases, is ready to go to work for you. Our seasoned lawyers offer reliable advice and guidance. Our commitment to quality centers on our goal of achieving positive outcomes that allow our clients to move forward with their lives.


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