Validity and Effectiveness of the SAT and ACT called into question

If you or your child have taken the SAT/ACT, you know the pressure and anxiety the tests can induce. This is good news for you then – the Public Counsel is filing a lawsuit against the University of California system’s use of the tests, claiming they are biased and can not be linked to a student’s future success. The requirement to submit SAT/ACT scores is therefore unconstitutional Public Counsel claims.

SAT scores have been linked to family income, and advocacy groups argue high school academic grades depict a better prediction of a student’s success in college. On the contrary, The College Board (the organization behind the SAT) argues that high school grades and test scores show “more insight into a student’s potential to succeed than either measure alone.”

Standardized testing has pros and cons, as outlined in this article. Stay updated on the lawsuit to hear the effects of the ACT/SAT.


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