Guarding your due process rights in state and federal appeals.

Our appellate lawyers at Tardiff & Saldo Law Offices are dedicated to providing clients throughout California the highest caliber representation in all phases of litigation, including appeals.

Our firm’s attorneys draw on vast experience appealing adverse trial court rulings and also successfully defending lower court victories on appeal. We do so by keeping abreast of litigation trends and ever-changing case law.

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Car Accident Lawyer


Your advocates after your auto accident.

Auto accidents have the potential to negatively impact your job, your family, your health and your quality of life. Even an apparently minor traffic accident may result in serious injuries.

If you have been hurt because someone was negligent, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, including pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, and lost income. Our team at Tardiff & Saldo Law Offices has vast experience successfully representing clients injured in auto accidents throughout California, and we can help you too.


Seeking just compensation and recovery for your injuries.

Personal injury claims are filed by victims who suffer physical or psychological injury directly due to another person’s negligence including: auto accidents, medical malpractice, unsafe products, dangerous drugs, slips and falls, and unsafe work conditions.

Our attorneys employ a practical and professional approach to ensure our clients obtain full and fair recovery for their injuries, including damages for their past and future medical bills, lost income, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

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Wrongful Death Attorney


Providing grieving families with dedicated service.

The unexpected loss of a family member is even more tragic when their death is caused by someone else’s careless, negligent or deliberately malicious behavior.

Our attorneys possess a thorough understanding of California wrongful death law, and we have the legal savvy you need when filing a wrongful death lawsuit.


Serving your family and others throughout California.

Birth injuries can happen before, during or shortly after a child is born. When the negligence of a medical professional leads to a birth injury, our attorneys help you get the compensation you deserve.

Having practiced personal injury law for years, we have a thorough understanding of the short- and long-term effects of birth injuries. Our team will do everything possible to ensure your family receives appropriate compensation for your child’s injuries.

San Luis Obispo Birth Injury Attorney
traumatic brain injury


Preserving justice for accident victims.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a penetrating or concussive head wound that causes damage to the brain and disrupts its normal function. TBIs occur when the head violently and suddenly hits an object or when an object pierces the skull and enters the brain tissue.

Our attorneys have a familiarity with the medical and legal issues involved in TBIs and can provide significant benefits in the resolution of your case.


Helping you plan for the future.

Our dedicated attorneys work to protect your legacy. We possess in-depth knowledge about all aspects of trusts and estate issues.

Our team can advise you on the best approach to your estate planning. We thoroughly analyze your estate and strategize the best means of transferring your assets, minimizing taxes, establishing guardianship for your children, supporting personal philanthropic causes and protecting your loved ones.

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Civil Defense Attorney - San Luis Obispo


Resolving disputes for both businesses and individuals.

When legal disputes disrupt your business or personal life, having a committed, knowledgeable attorney to zealously advocate on your behalf brings comfort and peace of mind.

Our team at Tardiff & Saldo Law Offices represent California businesses, families and individuals in litigation, arbitration and mediation. Whether you seek damages in an injury suit to compensate you for the harm you’ve suffered in a car accident or compensation in a breach of contract suit with a construction company for substandard work, we will seek a full, fair result.


Removing impediments to your success.

If you are planning to start your own business in California, or if you want to expand your current business, an experienced and knowledgeable business law attorney can help expedite the process and ensure your success.

Our attorneys are well-prepared to handle business legal issues of any size or complexity. If litigation becomes necessary, we work tirelessly to defend your rights in court and provide the best possible results for your case.

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Slip and Fall Injury - Workplace Injury


Helping those hurt on another’s property.

California law imposes upon businesses an obligation to protect the public from unsafe conditions on the business’s premises. If a business fails to exercise the legally required duty of care and you are injured as a result, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Our team of attorneys employ a practical, professional approach to help our clients seek full and fair compensation for their past and future medical bills, lost income, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.


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